At The Wiscansin Fest, T-Pain Performs His Unreleased “Death of Auto-Tune” Response

T-Pain performed an unpublished remix of Jay-“D.O.A. Z’s (Death Of Auto-Tune)” at Milwaukee’s Rave’s Eagles Ballroom on Saturday for the inaugural annual Wiscansin Fest. T-Pain raps over the No I.D. production of the original song in this remix.

“It gets worse with time/All the time you spent rehearsing your line, it end up worse than mine/You thirsty for shine/Every time I spit a bar I get thirty a line,” raps T-Pain on the song. During an interview on Drink Champs last year, T-Pain discussed the unpublished reply with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. After being heckled by fans during a concert in Las Vegas, he wrote the song, he claimed.

“I made the record after I did a show in Vegas and everybody in the crowd was like, ‘JAY-Z killed you, bro!’” he had said at the time. “I was like, ‘All right, I’m never doing shows again!’ And it’s all, like, bros, it’s all white boys with their shirts off and shit. ‘JAY-Z, it’s the Roc, bro. Fuck you, bro!’

T-Pain claimed that his manager warned him it would be a negative look if he released the song, which is why he never did. Take a look at T-Pain’s performance in the video below.

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