BBNaija: Chizzy Shares On Being Friends With Doyin; Makes All-Stars Finals Predictions

Chizzy, a member of the Big Brother Nigeria Level Up season, recently talked about Doyin, a friend and a former love interest who competed on the BBNaija All Stars edition. The entrepreneur described what it’s like to be friends with Doyin and what she expects of them. Chizzy, who knew Doyin from the Level Up season, also commented on the time she spent on the BBNaija All Stars show.

Doyin, who had previously appeared on the Level Up season, was one of the roommates who had people talking on the BBNaija All Stars show. Chizzy, who co-starred with her on the Level Up show, recently discussed his friendship with Doyin in a media interview.

In the Level Up season, Chizzy and Doyin had a romantic relationship before deciding to become friends. Doyin is simple to misinterpret, claims the businessman. He clarified that when she is friends with someone, she offers everything she has and wants the same in return.

The audience of BBNaija All Stars got a show from Doyin, according to Chizzy during the interview. If someone can continue to be a hot issue online, whether for good or bad, they are still in the news, in his opinion.

He said,

“People misunderstand Doyin. If she’s your friend, she will go any length to protect you and she lives with expectation as your friend, when she’s putting 100, don’t put 90, put 100, anything less will get her angry because she knows she has always got your back as your friend.”

Doyin gave us a show, it’s not easy because if you visit Twitter, her name is there, if you check online anybody that didn’t give us a show, you won’t see them trending. If she’s trending, whether negative or positive, she’s giving us something”

In related developments, it was previously reported that Chizzy gave his predictions for the BBNaija All Stars season winner. Given that Mercy Eke won the BBNaija Pepper Dem season, it is no longer a surprise that she was seen as a fierce rival by the other housemates. Chizzy, a BBN Level Up star, disagrees that Mercy has a chance to win the competition a second time. The businessman predicted that Mercy will reach the finish line but lose. Instead, he is pitching his tent alongside IIebaye for the win.

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