BBNaija All Stars: Venita Criticizes Doyin’s Appearance, Provoking Social Media Debate

Venita, a housemate on BBNaija All Stars, is once again making headlines due to remarks she made regarding Doyin, a different housemate. When talking about Doyin with her co-stars, Angel, Soma, and Adekunle, Venita had labeled her unattractive. Venita began the conversation by sharing with the other guests that Doyin had allegedly stated Soma had eyes for her inside the house.

The mother of two didn’t stop there; she asked Soma to clarify whether Doyin had actually said it, and he nodded in agreement. Venita continued by inquiring about Soma’s appearance and whether it suggested that he might have feelings for Doyin from the other housemates there.

Although Doyin might not be Soma’s type, Angel defended her co-star by expressing that she feels she is a nice person. Angel’s support of Doyin was rejected by Venita, who asserted that given that Angel wears glasses, it’s possible that she doesn’t know better. The mother of two concluded by describing Doyin as unattractive.

Videos of the moment Venita labeled Doyin ugly rapidly began to circulate online, eliciting a range of responses from online users. Many of them called Venita names, but others protected her by stating that Doyin had called her names in the past.

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