Bella Shmurda Nudges Artists To Put Some Respect On The Afrobeats Genre

Nigerian musician Bella Shmurda expressed his displeasure at the recent disparaging of Afrobeats. After going on a tirade via his Instagram story, Wizkid recently became the most recent singer to attempt to distance himself from Afrobeats.

Many people were reminded of Burna Boy’s controversial remarks on Afrobeats by Wizkid’s tirade about not being considered an Afrobeats musician and how Afrobeats fans shouldn’t listen to his music. He recently discussed his opinions on the big stars disdaining Afrobeats in an interview on The 90s Show.

Bella Shmurda revealed that he wanted to voice his displeasure on social media regarding the recent remarks major artists had made about Afrobeats, but he didn’t want to run the risk of upsetting people. Bella Shmurda also had some criticism to offer the major singers who, in an effort to set themselves apart, have made derogatory comments about Afrobeats.

Bella clarified that these prominent artists don’t attend local awards ceremonies or do performances in Nigeria, but they still represent Africa when they travel abroad in search of recognition from the West. Bella, in defense of artists who are resisting being categorized in prize categories by the Afrobeats label, stated that Nigerian musicians ought to give preference to African and Nigerian honors that recognize their work.

And they should do so without disparaging Afrobeats, even if they choose to market their music to fit into other genres.

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