Bella Shmurda Dubs Himself A “Prophetic Artist” In New WeTalkSound Documentary

Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda hopes to display more of his prophetic side this 2024.

Bella usually returns to Ibadan for the yearly Tension Rave concert, which draws thousands of followers, after emerging into the mainstream. WeTalkSound recorded Bella Shmurda at the Tension Rave 2024 for a documentary that provides an intimate look into his personal life.

The video explores Bella Shmurda’s ascent to the top of the music industry, his experiences as a father, and his attraction to Ibadan. Bella Shmurda discussed his annual trips to Ibadan during the conversation. The Shmurda claims that Ibadan gave him his first headline event and supported him early in his career, which caused him to fall in love with the city.

Bella Shmurda revealed in her interview that he takes a highly spiritual approach to music-making and talked about what inspires him to write new songs. He disclosed that he prays to God for inspiration before recording, and that this is how he creates his prophetic songs.

About his music and what listeners might anticipate from him, he stated, “I’m not just an artist, I do prophetic music and this will be more in 2024.” Bella Shmurda, who became a father in 2023, claimed that witnessing his son motivated him to be a father who left a legacy for his child.

Here’s the full documentary:

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