Bella Shmurda – My Brother (MohBad Tribute)

Bella Shmurda Officially Drops Emotional Tribute 'My Brother' To Late Friend Mohbad

In honour of his friend Mohbad, who departed in September 2023 under questionable circumstances, Bella Shmurda has officially published a tribute. “My Brother” is an incredible gem with its contagious tune and meaningful lyrics. Afrobeat and R&B elements are seamlessly incorporated into the song to create an enticing and emotive sound. Bella Shmurda delivers a strong performance that connects with Fans and listeners as they await justice for Mohbad.

Bella Shmurda has released a song in memory of his friend Mohbad after going silent on social media for several weeks while grieving his friend’s passing. In his social media post, he wrote:

“Delayed justice is injustice. Bring out those who oppressed and maltreated the hell out of him when he was alive that the goal, Autopsy or not he no concern me Unless our govt don’t have feelings.”

The song, released on Friday, October 6, 2023, was accompanied by a video of their friendship and footage of the Nigerians’ candlelight march in memory of the late rapper. The late rapper, who passed unexpectedly and was outspoken in fear of various individuals associated with his former label, was a close friend of Bella. After learning of the unfortunate death, Bella disappeared from social media for a short while before returning to demand that people who had bullied the musician while he was alive be punished.

The song “My Brother” pays sincere homage to the relationship between families by highlighting the value of their shared love, support, unity, and death. Bella Shmurda vividly depicts the unshakable bond between brothers, showcasing his emotional storytelling talent. The song’s accessible message will undoubtedly strike a chord and resonate with fans and listeners of all ages and socioeconomic groups, especially those following the case.

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