Bella Shmurda Calls Out The Government Over Delayed Justice In Mohbad’s Death Investigation

Bella Shmurda, a Nigerian artist, has pleaded with the authorities to bring charges against individuals he believes were harassing and mistreating his late buddy Mohbad before his untimely death in an emotionally packed statement. In addition to rekindling interest in Mohbad’s suffering, this sincere appeal has also prompted an outpouring of solidarity from netizens all throughout the nation.

Bella Shmurda recently reaffirmed his steadfast resolve to learn the truth and bring those responsible for the violence done to Mohbad throughout his lifetime to justice in a post on his X page, formerly known as Twitter. He fervently emphasized how important prompt justice is, saying, “Delayed justice is injustice.”

The comment section was rapidly inundated with support for Bella Shmurda’s passionate call for responsibility as a result of the post’s rapid rise in popularity among internet users. Many others agreed with Bella’s call for accountability and urged the government to prosecute the alleged oppressors.

The overwhelmingly positive response from the online community demonstrates how widely felt the need for justice in Mohbad’s case is. Bella Shmurda had also declared that he would postpone paying his final respects to MohBad, also known as Imole (light), until those accountable for his killing have been brought to justice.

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