Bella Shmurda Passionately Demands Justice For Mohbad

Bella Shmurda has called on the Nigerian Police to arrest Naira Marley and his associates, hinting that they were involved in the singer’s death.

He had been silent after the death of his friend and fellow artist Mohbad on September 12, 2023. But Shmurda has now taken to his Twitter account to demand justice for Mohbad in a series of tweets. He emphasized that the soul of the deceased is always with him, and called for the arrest of those who made his life difficult.

In another tweet, he vowed to get justice for his friend, who filed a petition with the Nigeria Police while he was alive and feared for his life. He then called on the police to step in and end their “indifference” on the subject. The singer also noted that his soul has not been at peace since Mohbad’s death because his spirit always cries out for justice.

This comes after he canceled his Canadian tour due to sad events. He added that if Naira Marley and his counterparts fled the country, it would be a sign that they were responsible for the charges leveled against them, adding that they should be banned from returning to Nigeria.

This follows a series of events following Mohbad’s death, in which multiple videos of the late singer were released, showing him being mistreated by his former record label, which many are now referring to as a “cult” and money laundering front for their clandestine narcotics shenanigans.

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