Bimbo Ademoye Reveals Why She Hated Her Physical Appearance

Everybody has a different ideal weight, and everybody has distinct body goals. Sometimes a person who appears so beautiful to you and possesses the body you desire may not share your feelings about their physical appearance. Because weight is a very personal issue that is constantly changing, each person has a different personal relationship with it.

It’s the same with Nigerian actress and filmmaker Bimbo Ademoye, who disclosed her feelings on her weight gain. The hilarious actress revealed this while sharing a video of herself making an attempt at studio dancing on her Instagram page, which serves as an SOS call for the actress, as it also affects her career.

Bimbo said she had missed an movie role because she couldn’t dance, vowing to take up more dancing classes, as her dance tutor has been incredibly supportive and very professional. Ademoye also revealed that the weight gained over the years turned her from a fan to a strong critic of her own body.

She literally hated her appearance, which in turn, sparked this newfound motivation to take the bull by the horns.

Still on the subject of her body, the actress revealed months ago how movie producers sought to abuse her curvy figure in the early years of her career. She claimed that producers wanted her to portray promiscuous roles in movies because of her gorgeous body, but she always declined.

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