Body Of Late Ghanaian Rapper 2PM Made To Stand At Funeral Ceremony

Recently, footage from the funeral service of a well-known Ghanaian celebrity who died tragically and unexpectedly shook social media. Popular Ghanaian rapper 2pm’s body had his funeral in an upright position as family members and friends gathered to say their last goodbyes at the service. On Friday, November 17, in Wassa Akropong, in Ghana’s Western Region, 2 p.m. met his untimely end in an accident. Because the other lane was still being repaired, the crash happened on a section of road that was only one lane (one-way traffic).

Body Of Late Ghanaian Rapper 2Pm Made To Stand At Funeral Ceremony, Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024

His body, which was dressed in a swagger-style outfit and made to stand erect in a glass structure, was surrounded by fans and well-wishers during his burial. A large crowd was seen wearing black and red as they expressed their mourning and grief.

His devoted admirers, who have been talking about his passing and the funeral service, will always cherish their memories of the musician, who became well-known for his song “Bibini y Nipa.” May his soul rest in peace.

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