Burna Boy Discloses His Surprise In Having Sold Out A Stadium In South-Eastern Nigeria

Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning musician, has said that he realized he was going to be a major star after a show in 2014.He stated that it was the first time he performed in a stadium in Nigeria’s south-eastern region, and the large crowds made him realize he was popular. Burna told BBC Radio 1Xtra that the South-East prefers regional artists, thus it was a major issue for an outsider to be accepted.

The Afrobeats star stated that he had never seen such love before and did not believe it was genuine. Still on the issue of Burna’s stadium concerts, the Afrobeats musician has received harsh criticism on social media for canceling his headline gig scheduled for Saturday night at the GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands, after supporters had already filled the stadium.

Fans reportedly crammed the 41,000-seater venue for hours, waiting for the ‘Last Last’ crooner to entertain them before learning of the show’s late cancellation. Burna Boy came to Instagram around midnight to announce that the event will not be held, despite the fact that supporters had already filled the arena.

The musician stated that he was looking forward to performing for his Dutch fans, but that it was unable to happen owing to “a number of reasons.”

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