Samklef Claims He’s Forgiven Davido For Supposedly Being Disrespectful To Him

Record producer Samuel Oguachuba, better known by his stage as Samklef, has claimed to have forgiven Afrobeats musician, Davido, for what he called previous “disrespect” toward him.

Following a public disagreement between the two celebrities, which was caused by Samklef’s release of a video showing Davido and his wife, Chioma Adeleke, departing an Atlanta, USA, hospital in 2023, the two made up. Samklef was prompted by Davido’s response to the video to start mocking the musician on social media.

On Saturday, March 16, 2024, Samklef made an announcement on Instagram about his decision to pardon Davido, citing his faith in the musician’s ability to grow from the ordeal. Samklef stressed the significance of peace in the music business, lovingly referring to Davido as his “aburo” (meaning younger brother).

Samklef expressed his willingness to put the disagreement behind him via a tweet. He also sent a strong message to everyone in the industry, warning them never to try him in a similar manner going forward.

Samklef’s gesture of forgiveness and mutual respect towards Davido serves as a reminder of the importance of these qualities inside the music industry, encouraging a climate of understanding and cooperation among musicians.

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