Burna Boy Performs As The Headlining Act At The Bahamas’ Spill Gate Festival

The Spill Gate Festival in 2024 featured Afro-fusion icon Burna Boy as the main act.

The Grammy-winning musician Burna Boy reached a noteworthy milestone when he performed as the main act at the Spill Gate Festival in the Bahamas, thrilling a large crowd with his catalog of hit songs. Social media videos showed the excited audience fervently singing along to Burna Boy’s critically acclaimed song “Tested, Approved, and Trusted,” which was included on his seventh album, I Told Them, his latest Grammy-nominated album.

Additionally, Burna Boy made history by being the first African performer at the 66th Grammy Awards. He lost every category he was nominated, though, along with all other Nigerian artists. Furthermore, not only did Nicki Minaj headline the Spill Gate Festival along Burna, but she also made hints about working with the Afro-fusion singer.

Nicki had hinted at jumping on a Burna Boy remix in a recent clip shared by her, so there just might be an upcoming remix of “Tested, Approved & Trusted.” In the same Bob Marley’s legendary granddaughter disclosed that her grandfather would have preferred to work with Burna Boy from Fela Kuti.

Burna’s ongoing battle with Edris Abdulkareem has put him back in the spotlight on social media. According to reports, Burna Boy addressed the problem on social media, to which Eedris quickly responded with a lengthy letter.

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