Cardi B Ends Live Video After Almost Exposing Privates On IG

On a recent Instagram live session, Cardi B, a well-known American singer, inadvertently stirred up a frenzy among her fans when she accidentally put her legs up. The incident occurred while she was live-streaming on her verified Instagram page, which had over 45,000 viewers. The video went viral, with many fans sharing and commenting on it across various social media platforms.

Cardi B Ends Live Video After Almost Exposing Privates On Ig, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

Cardi B is renowned for her lighthearted online behaviour. In a recent video, she was captured signing cards and CDs, making amusing remarks and sultry moves like rubbing the CDs on her bosom, etc. While viewing the footage, Cardi B became so tickled that she lost her balance and tumbled backwards onto her bed, lifting her legs in the air. But she soon caught herself and sat upright once again.

In response to Cardi B’s question about whether anyone nearby had seen her privates, they teased and laughed at her antics. She quickly ended the live video after lamenting whether or not her private parts were visible in the recording. Netizens reacted to the live session and on social media afterwards.

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