The Game And Mike Tyson Locked In Arm Wrestle; Ends In A Tie

Mike Tyson known for his furious looks and hard punches appear to be the standard unit of measuring super-human strength, and there are not many who can match up to him. Well, except those convinced of their own superhuman strength as well.

One of those people convinced of their superhuman strength has shown up to challenge the boxing legend to an arm wrestling. American rapper, The Game is that unusual challenger.

Appearing on Tyson’s “Hotboxin’” podcast, the Compton rapper faced off with the former heavyweight champion in an arm-wrestling match. Anyone who wasn’t aware of The Game’s superhuman tendencies would have written of his challenge even before the game began, but the outcome appears to be a little surprising, although different from what’s expected.

In a video of the contest shared by “Hotboxin’” on Instagram, the legendary Mike Tyson is seen with a lit joint in his mouth, apparently in a disadvantaged position as he struggled to strong-arm The Game. In the seconds that followed, the friendly game was announced a tie by the rapper, who was apparently going to lose his edge to the former heavyweight champion.

In a different post, the rapper claimed although the video might be showing that he almost yielded to Tyson, the match actually ended in a tie, and that it was Mike Tyson himself that announced it a tie in a private conversation after the video recording had ended.

While announcing the possibility of a rematch, the rapper claimed he went easy on Tyson, who, according to him, was surprised by his strength.

Game who is scheduled to release his highly-anticipated album, Drillmatic on June 10, went home with a signed pair of boxing glove from the Boxing legend.

Watch the contest below:

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