Catch YKB’s “Yusful Music” EP’s Behind-The-Scenes Video

YKB has undergone a refinement that suits the Popstar profile he aspires to develop after establishing himself on the scene with a few singles that transformed him from an up-and-coming artist to a rapidly growing possibility. As a result, he changed his stage name to a more popular one, added more pop elements to his music, and significantly reduced the native language he used.

On his second EP, “Yusful Music,” YKB displays the style of a Popstar who wants to compete at the highest level. His first song, “San Siro,” was a success, giving him the assurance he needed to write “Bo Card (Things I Need),” which followed in a similar Pop style.

A well-rounded body of work is produced by YKB’s investigation of his amorous ambitions in the songs “Bo Card” and “San Siro,” with an introductory scene in the album’s first track and a pleasant, upbeat beat. His singing prowess is evident throughout the process as he alternates between R&B and Pop flows to create a production that is unmistakably mainstream appealing.

Even in “Traffic,” where he speaks Yoruba for a significant amount of time, his pronunciation has been completely Westernized, removing all traces of ethnic nuance. Instead, the “Yusful Music” EP adopts a broader perspective that depicts YKB’s development as an artist over the last two years.

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