Charlamagne Tha God Says “The Clock Is Ticking” For Kendrick Lamar After Drake’s Response

On Monday’s Breakfast Club show, Charlamagne Tha God weighed in on the ongoing beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake. He expressed his view that Kendrick Lamar needs to respond to Drake’s recent track, “Push Ups,” sooner rather than later, as time is running out. He praised Drake for his impressive counter to Lamar’s “Like That” verse and argued that Drake had done something that Lamar had not yet done in their ongoing feud.

Charlamagne’s analysis of the situation suggests that Drake’s latest release was a solid rebuttal to Lamar’s previous work and that Lamar must respond in kind if he hopes to come out on top. Charlamagne’s comments have generated a lot of interest among fans of both rappers, with many eager to see how the feud will play out in the coming weeks. Overall, it’s clear that this is one of the most hotly contested rivalries in the rap world right now, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next move from both Lamar and Drake.

“First of all, I was highly, highly impressed by ‘Push Ups.’ Drake delivered a top-tier response to everything that was going on and this is coming from an OG veteran Drake hater,”

“I love the record. He delivered. He did what he was supposed to do and he went further than Kendrick has ever gone. Because Kendrick has been throwing shots at Drake for years with very blatant subliminals, but Drake aimed right at Kendrick and said, ‘Okay, if this is what you want, then you got it.’”

“So right now, Kendrick’s on the clock. Kendrick is all the way on the clock. Drake gave Kendrick his ‘Takeover’ and now Kendrick has to deliver his ‘Ether’ if he got it.”

After Kendrick Lamar released his verse, Drake took his time to respond. However, other artists didn’t hold back their criticism of Drake during this time. On his track “Push Ups,” Drake replied to Lamar and addressed The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Metro Boomin, and several others. Despite Drake’s efforts, Lamar has yet to respond to his new leak. However, Rick Ross didn’t waste any time and fired back at Drake within a few hours. Ross dropped “Champagne Moments,” accusing Drake of getting a nose job and calling him a “white boy.”

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