You Can’t Be A Rapper And “The Biggest Criminal Alive,” According To Charlamagne Tha God

Rap lyrics being utilized as evidence is currently a hot topic in Hip Hop due of the growing cases against YSL. This has been played out for decades as accused artists have defended themselves against the prosecution’s attempt to use their songs against them. Currently behind bars, Young Thug and Gunna’s legal team is attempting to establish their innocence in the face of allegations of murder, involvement in a gang, robberies, and assault.

Prosecutors have claimed that several song lyrics, most notably those by Thugger, who is suspected of writing rhymes about shooting at YFN Lucci’s mother, spoke directly to actual crimes. This was a major issue on The Breakfast Club, and they posted a clip from an episode when a caller claimed that rappers who song about crimes deserve the criticism they get for it on Instagram. Charlamange concurred, “That’s right.”

“‘Cause these n*ggas is not remaining silent,” he continued. “These n*ggas is goin’ in the studio with beats and they loud as hell! ‘I killed him! I shot him! I kicked down his door! I beat up his dog and threw his girl on the floor! Robbed him of his chains, robbed him of his car, look at my face so you can know who I are!”

The guests persisted in making fun of rappers who confess their crimes in their songs, joking about how exact some lyrics may be and helping the prosecution build a case.

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