Giant Skull Prop Briefly Interrupts Travis Scott’s Performance Mid-Show

During his Utopia—Circle Maximus Tour show at Barclays Center in New York, Travis Scott was surprised by a giant prop replica of a head. The incident, which occurred on December 19th, was recorded on video. As the rapper was performing, an enormous prop suddenly appeared from behind and bumped into him, causing chaos on stage as he jumped down but continued his performance. The incident is a reminder that you can never be too careful, even in the spotlight.

Although the incident was nearly disastrous, the artist jumped off the raised platform to reach the stage floor safely. It’s important to note that the prop usually swings across the stage on a pulley, a common practice in the entertainment industry.

In a separate incident, the 32-year-old singer had to cancel his Chicago concert due to flight delays, which was understandably disappointing for his fans. Despite these setbacks, the artist remains dedicated to his craft and inspires many with his music. His tweet read,

“I literally spent 24 hrs on a f–king runway,”. “Craziest s–t ever.”

“To my people in Chicago I was so ready to go crazyyyy,”

Chicago always been one if my favorite places. To go ham and been waiting for it the whole tour. I will be back the first couple days of January.”

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