Coco Lee Reportedly Left Her 86-year-old Mother HK$150 Million In Real Estate

Before her death, late Hong Kong-American singer Coco Lee owned about HK$230 million (S$39 million) in property, with the majority of the assets now handed to her elderly mother. According to the Hong Kong media outlet HK01. Lee, who suffered from depression, died last Wednesday after attempting suicide on July 2. She was 48 years old.

Recent HK01 searches revealed that the pop diva had many luxurious residences in Hong Kong worth more than HK$150 million. Lee and her 86-year-old mother shared joint tenancy of the properties, as did Lee, her mother, and her two elder sisters, Carol and Nancy. Lee’s estate has been in the spotlight since her death, with speculation swirling about who will inherit it.

Lee was married to Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz, but according to media sources, they had been divorced for more than two years. The couple did not have any children together. Mr. Rockowitz’s first marriage resulted in two daughters. According to HK01, the most costly of Lee’s four homes was a unit purchased in 2007 for HK$30 million, which is currently worth around HK$60 million.

Following Lee’s death, the first three of her properties were immediately given to Lee’s mother, while the fourth was transferred to her mother and two sisters. HK01 stated that none of her seven homes are mortgaged, implying that Lee has fully paid for the houses.

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