Comedian Teju Babyface Welcomes 3rd Child After Twins; Pleads With Wife In Funny Post

Teju Oyelakin, a well-known comedian in Nigeria, and his wife, Tobi, have announced the arrival of their daughter. The TV host announced the arrival of their third child on his page by posting pictures of their newborn and his wife. Then, according to Yoruba usage, Teju began pleading with his wife to prevent a fourth child’s arrival. Teju Oyelakin’s announcement of their third child was met with joy and excitement from fans and well-wishers. The comedian’s plea to his wife reflects the cultural significance of family planning in Yoruba tradition and also highlights the importance of open communication and shared decision-making in their relationship.

After having twins, Teju Babyface and his wife Tobi have announced the birth of their third kid. The TV personality shared a sneak glance of his daughter, “Idowu,” the third companion for twins in Yoruba custom, in a post on his Instagram page. He cheerfully updated his family’s health and begged his wife not to have a fourth child, “Alaba,” following in the footsteps of “Idowu” with the twins while using Yoruba influences in the post. Fans and colleagues of the comedian trooped to the comment section with congratulatory messages.

He stated:

“The one (that) the Yoruba people call Idowu is here! My wife @tobibanjokooyelakin and I welcomed our 3rd child, a girl, into the world a couple of days ago. Mother and daughter are very well. And father too (if anybody was wondering ) Now, having rejoiced and announced thus, Iya Ibeji aka Iya Idowu aka Mrs. Babyface, e don do o! I don hang boot o. Let Alaba just chill o. Ehen.”

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