Mohbad’s Death: Nurse Fisayo’s Mum Pleads Daughter’s Innocence; Reveals Wife, Friend, Others Were Present When Star Was Injected

The mother of the infamous nurse Feyisayo Ogendegbe, who is being questioned by police concerning the Mohbad case, has decided to come forward and share her knowledge of what transpired on that fateful day when her daughter was asked to tend to the late singer. A motley crew of suspects, including Nurse Feyisayo, who was brought in to heal the late singer’s wounds, have been apprehended by police in the wake of Mohbad’s untimely death.

The nurse’s mother came out in widely shared videos to refute the misconception that her daughter was a quack and to defend her oldest daughter’s innocence. She said that her daughter is a licensed professional nurse who completed her training in a private Ogun hospital and a year-long apprenticeship employment. She emphasized that her daughter had never tripped over a toe or made a potentially fatal error in her work area. Feyisayo’s mother was adamant that her daughter had never interacted with or been treated by the late singer before.

She continued by saying that on that tragic day, Mohbad’s friend “Spending” called her daughter to ask for help with his hand injury. She noted that Mohbad’s wife Omowunmi, her younger brother, her assistant, and their buddy “Spending” were all present to oversee the injection she administered to the deceased singer.

As an expert in her field who had never made a mistake, the old widow argued that her daughter’s injection could not have caused Mohbad’s death. Mrs Ogendegbe then expressed her fury that her daughter had been listed as a primary suspect in a murder case in which she is wholly innocent. She made an emotional plea to Nigerians to assist her. She claimed that on the understanding that her daughter would be freed after an autopsy, she went with her to the police station to help with the inquiry into Mohbad’s death. But she said the autopsy was going far more slowly than anticipated.

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