Davido Responds To Criticism Over Meeting With FCT Minister Wike

A recent video of well-known Nigerian artist David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, mingling with Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike sparked a wave of emotions on social media. A seemingly informal and private encounter between the musician and the former governor of Rivers state is captured in the viral video that went viral on Sunday, December 17. Fans of Davido have taken to the internet to voice their dissatisfaction of his relationship with the FCT Minister, also known as “FCT 001.” The online community has been inundated with complaints. People have been criticizing the artist on social media for his association with Wike since the video was released, causing a huge commotion.

Davido responded to the negative comments on his X handle by stating that he is still impartial in the current political dynamics between Sim Fubara, the current state leader, and the previous governor of Rivers state. By highlighting his position as a spectator of the incident, the artist aimed to disassociate himself from any political affiliation.

“I see Sim… I see Wike… dem both see me … Rivers love OBO,”

In an attempt to minimize the importance of the hangout and to show gratitude for the support he gets from the state of Rivers, Davido stated in a post that was uploaded on his X handle yesterday. The singer’s attempt to handle the political intricacies of the situation is still a subject of debate and conjecture among his fan base and the general public as the drama surrounding Davido’s contact with Nyesom Wike continues to unfold.

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