Joe Budden Says “J. Cole Better Than Kendrick Lamar & Drake” Right Now

In the most recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the show’s host, Joe Budden, revived conversations regarding the best hip-hop artists of the decade. He also discussed how he and his peers felt about the recent J. Cole teaser that hinted at the release of his eagerly awaited “The Fall Off” album. The Dreamville MC’s lyrical bars, classic production, and the anticipation that he’s creating with the announcement have found a warm reception amongst fans.

As for who the best rapper is right now, Budden believes that the native of North Carolina has eclipsed even his “Big Three” colleagues, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In the episode, Joe Budden revealed,

“I got Cole as my one,”

“I’m hoping that Kendrick’s next album could try to fix that for me. Drake is doing his Chuck E. Cheese s**t. Good for him. That’s it now. Yeah, that’s it.”

Joe, however, continues to leave the door open for future discussion on this issue, as all three rappers have the ability to change the course of this ongoing debate in their favor with just one outstanding album, as fans still rank them as the best in recent times when considering their careers as a whole and hip-hop as a genre.

He continued,

“Remember when Kendrick dropped the title of the last s**t and we were trying to figure out what that meant?”

“When I heard The Fall Off and with him hinting at maybe retirement, I thought that would be the marriage between concept and title. But after watching some of these vlog clips where he’s just in the restaurant talking to the older lady that doesn’t know who he is? Classic J. Cole. Perfect rollout s**t again. This n***a’s the best at this.

“And he’s looking like he’s even uncomfortable having to try to explain who he is to her and she’s just talking about the state of the economy,”

“Dawg, if this n***a starts tying in The Fall Off with all of this s**t? Get him outta here. We know he can. We know he’s a man of the people. You know for however many years, he’s just been talking to people like humans. From everywhere. Yo, The Fall Off, if that’s The Fall Off? Oh, he is a sicko. We’ll see.”

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