DJ Khaled Wants To Work With Rihanna Again; Tags It His “Dream Collaboration”

Renowned musician DJ Khaled once again expressed his eagerness to collaborate with music icon Rihanna. During a recent conversation with Billboard, as part of his new campaign with DJEEP Lightweights, Khaled spoke fondly of their previous collaboration, “Wild Thoughts,” and expressed his admiration for Rihanna’s talent. Despite their challenges during the recording process, the chemistry between the two was undeniable, resulting in a chart-topping anthem that marked both artists’ success in the industry. Khaled’s respect for Rihanna’s work is evident, and he looks forward to the possibility of creating more musical magic together.

Khaled faced a challenge during the project but persevered and found a solution. He took the initiative and went to Tiller’s doorstep to work together and complete the collaboration successfully. Khaled’s commitment to his craft is inspiring, and he is now looking forward to reuniting with Rihanna to create another beautiful musical piece. Fans are excited to see what they will make together, and with Khaled leading the way, the possibilities are endless.

Khaled says,

“I want to work again with Rihanna,”

“I’ve worked with her, and we made a big hit record called ‘Wild Thoughts.’ I want to make another record with her. That’s my wishlist.”

“Rihanna jumped on it and changed the key of the record,”

“So I called Bryson Tiller like, ‘Yo, good news. The RiRi vocals are in. Great news.'”

“I’m calling Bryson Tiller; my album’s coming out in like two weeks,” “‘Yo bro, I need you to cut the vocals over; you know Rihanna’s vocals are in? You hear that, right?’ Everybody’s excited. He’s not picking up his phone,” “You know, Bryson’s my brother. He had a surprise album coming out at the same time, so he’s not picking up my phone. I need this done.”

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