Drake Throws Shade At His Rihanna-featured Collaboration, “Work,” While On Tour

Drake desires to put one of his most significant partnerships behind him.

In Tampa, Florida, the rapper and J. Cole began their It’s All a Blur Tour – Big as the What? on Saturday. Later in the performance, Drake made an appearance inside a flying stage lift while a remix of his 2016 song “Work,” featuring Rihanna, was being played over the speakers.

“I don’t sing this song. “You can perform it for me,” Drake said to the crowd.

According to concert footage that CULTCERT posted on YouTube, Drizzy eventually joined in on parts of his verse and the final chorus.

If Drake dislikes the song or is just unwilling to perform it without Rihanna, it’s unclear why he would include it on his set list. Considering their lengthy and complex romantic past, as well as the fact that Rihanna has moved on with ASAP Rocky, it’s possible that Drake had deeper personal reasons for abandoning the song.

It’s anyone’s idea what Drake and Rihanna’s relationship is like now, but fans think that Drake makes fun of the singer in his song “Fear of Heights,” which is taken from his most recent album, For All the Dogs.

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