God Did: DJ Khaled Teases Drake & Lil Baby Collaboration

Just recently, celebrated producer DJ Khaled let fans in on what he had been up to, making new music. The songster had announced that a new album titled “God Did” would be out “soon.” 

He gave no specific date, all right. But the songster has been giving hints and clues and teasers regarding the project ever since. The most recent, and one that had many fans screaming in excitement, was the producer announcing he has something with Lil Baby and Drake. 

In a post on his verified Instagram channel, DJ Khaled had shared a clip of him in the company of the duo. In the caption, he dropped two apparently rhetorical questions and followed it up with a statement indicating he could show better than he could tell. You can check it out below. 

Having Lil Baby, Drake, and DJ Khaled on the same song promises so much, and one wouldn’t even be surprised if their collaborative tune should make it to the No. 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100. 

Anyway, with the promises so far and even hotter teases, DJ Khaled and his associates just can’t afford to fail with their imminent joint offering. We will be here to bring it to you. 

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