Drake Pushes A Fan Who Comes Up To Him On Stage And Slams The Venue’s Security

Drake criticized a security guard during the latest Austin stop of his It’s All a Blur Tour for not acting quickly enough after a fan stormed the stage at the Moody Center on Monday. As shown in the video below, Drizzy was speaking to the audience when a fan approached him to say hello to the 6 God.

Drake pushed him aside lightly before shaking hands with him and mused aloud about if the venue was providing protection for his performance.

“Y’all not doing security out here? You not doing security?” Drake inquired as he led the fan to the stage’s edge, where a security guard eventually seized hold of the rowdy audience member.

“Boy, you slow as fuck,” Drake continued.

Drake stated earlier this week that he will release the first track from his upcoming album For All the Dogs, scheduled for release next week, September 22. Drake’s nervousness is reasonable. Fans have been hurling insults at musicians all year, and Drake has been a victim.

However, Drake’s It’s All a Blur Tour is set to make stops in Dallas (Sept. 14-15), Houston (Sept. 17-18), Atlanta (Sept. 25-26), Miami (Sept. 28-29), and Nashville (Oct. 1-2) over the next month, before wrapping in Columbus, Ohio on Oct. 9 after back-to-back nights in his hometown of Toronto.

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