“Afroculture”: Yartti Pushes Movement With Self-Produced Single “Ben Dover”

Ben Dover is a brand-new, independently produced single by Yartti. After years of practice, Yartti has perfected his ability to incorporate components from various musical genres—including but not limited to highlife, afrobeat, jazz, dancehall, reggae, soul, hip hop, and funk—into a short track on which he lays his voice.

&Quot;Afroculture&Quot;: Yartti Pushes Movement With Self-Produced Single &Quot;Ben Dover&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024

Yartti began his career as a music producer but is now at ease with his songwriting and performance phase. With the release of “Ben Dover,” he is ready to embark on a global tour to bring his sound, which he refers to as “Afroculture,” to every region of the world and beyond. According to him, “Afroculture” is the fusion of all the contemporary musical genres, including Afrobeats, highlife, jazz, and soul, into one cohesive, catchy sound. His most recent song, Ben Dover, shines regarding the African components.

One could characterize this project as a piece that was painstakingly created along alluring baselines. Through this straightforward and musically seamless piece, Yartti demonstrates his production prowess. Interestingly, this song showcases his songwriting and vocal abilities.

It is anticipated that Yartti will solidify his reputation with “Ben Dover” and position himself for future collaborations and commissions simultaneously. In the song “Ben Dover,” soothing harmonies are spoken over upbeat baselines. The song’s vocals by Yartti are meticulous, delicate, and enticing as he lyrically commands everyone listening to lean over and bounce their body to the rhythm.

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