Ed Sheeran Names Burna Boy The “Most Weed-Ingester” He’s Ever Met

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, Ed Sheeran discussed the amount of marijuana that Nigerian Afrobeat singer Burna Boy consumes. The British musician, who has had international collaborations and has worked with Burna Boy on various songs, describes how Burna Boy blasted smoke into his studio.

Ed Sheeran went on to compare Burna Boy’s marijuana consumption to that of American musician Snoop Dogg, referring to the Nigerian singer as the only person he’s known to ‘ingest’ so much weed.

Fans of afrobeat are acclimated to his style, as seen by their remarks and evaluations of the Love Damini singer, but some are dissatisfied with the situation. Burna Boy’s love of the plant has been a frequent topic in his music, with songs devoted to it.

Burna Boy revealed his relationship with cannabis in a 2019 interview, claiming its use as a way to unwind and tap into his creative side. It’s a well-documented facet of his persona, with the artist openly embracing his tastes.

Ed Sheeran had also revealed an interesting incident from his Australian concert last March, stating that he was greeted backstage at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena by Snoop Dogg and actor Russell Crowe.

Snoop, true to his reputation, invited them to partake in some weed. Sheeran related this to Conan O’Brien’s Needs a Friend podcast, in which he hilariously taunted American musician Snoop Dogg.

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