Fans React As Paul Okoye’s New Girlfriend Pledges Her Loyalty To Him

Beauty influencer Ivy Ifeoma has publicly shown her unshakable support and dedication to musician Paul Okoye in a moving expression of love and loyalty. Ifeoma’s TikTok video, which she shared to emphasize her commitment to their relationship, shows off her resolve to support the well-known artist.

Fans and followers of Ifeoma and Okoye were drawn to the video, which soon garnered popularity across a number of social media networks. She made it clear that she was committed to their relationship by saying, “That’s my man, and I am going to stick with him.”

Social media has been swamped with supportive and admiring comments from the couple’s followers and well-wishers in response to Ifeoma’s outward displays of adoration. The other half of P-Square revealed his connection with Ivy Ifeoma toward the end of last year. Many people were perplexed by the singer’s claim that he has been single for four years during an Instagram live session.

If you recall, a year after Anita filed for divorce, Paul and Anita’s divorce was recently finalized. Paul claimed that he and Anita were divorced for a very long period and that he had been single for 4 years. When Paul first met his current girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma, he was open about the fact that he had recently had a divorce, but she seems completely fine with it.

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