Papoose Shares ‘Food For Thought’ On Loyalty In New Freestyle On Drake’s ‘Evil Ways’

On January 7, Brooklyn rapper Papoose shared a one-minute freestyle on his social media pages, utilizing Drake’s “Evil Ways” beat. The freestyle appears to be addressing his recent personal drama, which includes his separation from his wife, Remy Ma. Although he never directly mentions her in the freestyle, Papoose hints at the challenges and difficulties he currently faces in his relationship. In his freestyle, Papoose delivers heartfelt lyrics with a sombre tone, reflecting the intense pain and uncertainty of a difficult situation. Through his music, he provides listeners with a glimpse into the struggles he is going through. It is clear that he is dealing with many emotions and trying to process his feelings through his music.

Over the summer, Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship began to crack when Papoose allegedly knocked out Eazy, The Block Captain, for getting “too cozy” with Remy at a Chrome 23 event. Papoose recently released a freestyle that depicts his challenges in his personal life and relationship. The raw and emotional lyrics showcase his artistic talent as he bares his soul to his listeners. This freestyle is a testament to the power of music as a tool of catharsis, as he uses it to work through the pain and uncertainty he is experiencing.

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