Festus Keyamo Expresses Delight That Tinubu’s Drug-Related Case Will Be Heard In Nigerian Court; Sure His Principal Will Be Acquitted

Festus Keyamo, the controversial lawyer who serves as a spokesman for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign committee, expresses his satisfaction that President-elect Bola Tinubu’s drug-related case in the United States will be handled in a Nigerian court.

Festus Keyamo Expresses Delight That Tinubu'S Drug-Related Case Will Be Heard In Nigerian Court; Sure His Principal Will Be Acquitted, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

This comes after it was revealed that the opposition party candidates, particularly Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour party, had officially “demanded transparency” and filed a lawsuit against the election results.

Mr. Keyamo claimed in a tweet via his verified account that the hearing would put to rest the debate over objective adjudication of the matter and end Mr. Tinubu’s defamatory history. Mr. Keyamo asserted that he had no doubt the court would rule in Mr. Tinubu’s favor.

He said,

“I am excited about the issues raised in those election petitions. All the deceit and lies and disinformation and misinformation about otherwise very simple and clear issues are about to be busted by our Law Lords. Whoever continues to argue after that should relocate to another planet,”

Throwing slight digs at the opposition, the APC campaign spokesman added,

“Nigerians will finally see the huge difference between calm, dispassionate adjudication of issues and all the hoopla caused by garrulous spokespersons shaking and falling on stage. Ignorant TV hosts turned debaters, misinformed documentaries, illiterate tweeps, and some dancing Hijabi mamas.”

As court records were made public and revealed that Mr. Tinubu had connections to the illegal drug trade and money laundering in the United States, Mr. Keyamo pushed back by claiming that the party’s flag bearer only lived in a “block of flats” in Chicago with infamous cocaine dealers.

While defending his principal, Mr. Keyamo said,

“What happened was that Asiwaju (Bola Tinubu) went to open an account. These people used his address in opening the account…(sic). I think some blocks of flats. Maybe, he happened to be in that block of flats too,”  “So, they now link it that the other people they were investigating for narcotics are in the same address used by Asiwaju to open that account.”

Certified copies of the 1993 case, which was recently made public by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, were published by media outlets. The documents proved that the US government had requested confiscation of the drug proceeds Mr. Tinubu was allegedly laundering in July 1993. An agreement between the Tinubus and the American authorities saw the $460,000 in the Citibank account forfeited, and the Tinubus asked to keep the money in the Heritage Bank account.

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