For Father’s Day, Cardi B Treats Offset To A Huge Breakfast In Bed

Father’s Day is arrived, and fathers all across the world are being pampered. This is especially true for Offset, who just embraced his second baby with Cardi B. He and Cardi are all for their kids, so it’s understandable that Cardi intended the day to be special for her baby father.

While Offset was still in bed, Cardi B served him a large meal. The dish in front of the father was piled high with chicken, waffles, bacon, fruit, and other goodies. Offset seemed to be at a loss for what to do with the large amount of food in Cardi’s Instagram story. “Happy Father’s Day,” Cardi replies with a giggle.

The story continues with Offset finding his way down the stairs of their residence, trailed by loving kids, as if he barely had time to consume the feast. To commemorate fatherhood, the mansion is decorated with balloons and other decorations. Cardi then tweeted a touching photo of Offset hugging all of his children.

For Father'S Day, Cardi B Treats Offset To A Huge Breakfast In Bed, Yours Truly, News, June 14, 2024
@Iamcardib Instagram Story

Following that, the children were given the opportunity to display their gifts. They couldn’t wait for their father to finish reading their letters, as each of them reached out to place a new card in his hands.

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