Frank Edwards – Sounds Of Many Waters

The multi-award-winning Nigerian gospel music pastor, Frank Edwards, has published his new single, “Sounds Of Many Waters.” This great song, now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms, promises to enthrall and inspire listeners everywhere, especially to day-one Frank Edwards fans.

Inspired by John 4:13–14, where Jesus states that everyone who drinks the water he gives will never thirst because the water within them will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life, “Sounds Of Many Waters” masterfully captures the spiritual meaning of those verses.

The production of “Sounds Of Many Waters” is evidence of Frank Edwards’ unshakable commitment to his craft; the song’s unusual use of real water from a bowl—a creative decision inspired by divine inspiration—adds a concrete and profound element to the song’s message, serving as a symbol for the living water mentioned in the scripture. Frank Edwards claims that God led him in making this choice.

Frank Edwards poured in his emotions into this new single just like he does with every other track. And he certainly deserves more flowers for his extensive vocal range, which was also showcased. If you’re a lover of good music or are big on modern Nigerian Gospel music, the link below will excite you.

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