Usher Accepts The R&B King Title

For years, crooners from all over the world have proclaimed themselves the King of R&B, but only a small number of names actually qualify as competitors. The title famously went viral in recent years thanks to Jacquees, and we’ve heard several professionals in the field declare themselves to be the dominant force in the genre.

The singer even went as far as to release his King of R&B album in 2019 to formally stake his claim, but he was met with a barrage of backlash from music lovers who didn’t agree with his viewpoint. R. Kelly has received the honor, but his critics fiercely contend that his alleged misdeeds exclude him from contention.

Longtime hit-maker Usher has also been considered, and YK Osiris recently declared the R&B great to be the one who genuinely deserves the title. Usher was the subject of an interview on Bevelations with Bevy Smith, who said that he is frequently referred to as the King, adding, “And from our conversation right now, I feel like you are really ready to own that title and to ascend to that thrown.”

“I mean, you call me that, I’ll definitely carry it,” said Usher. “I’ma tilt my crown knowing that, and I’ma tilt my crown knowing that I’m standing on the shoulders of all of the icons of our time…”

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