Guchi Dives Into Failed Romance In Her New Song, “Leave Me Now”

Celebrated Afrobeats singer Guchi opens the New Year with a bang by dropping her much anticipated first single of 2024, “Leave Me Now.”

The song, which was produced by Guchi herself, is brought to life by pop artist AzmariCarbon, who has recently joined forces with her. Sound engineering guru Chech did a great job mixing and mastering this reflective tune, which is a major turning point in Guchi’s artistic career.

“Leave Me Now” gains depth and narrative richness from Guchi, who is renowned for her ability to transform sadness into soul-stirring Afro-soul anthems. Guchi finds herself caught up in an emotional tempest as the song delves into the stormy depths of failing love, depicting an elusive lover.

The lyrics, which are written with genuine honesty, disclose that she has turned to booze for chilly consolation as a result of her anguish. Guchi’s poignant plea, “Why you leave me now when I need you the most?” rings out in the chorus, indicating her extreme grief. She acknowledges that her pain threshold has now been crossed due to the severity of her emotional traumas.

This new release comes after Guchi and Bayanni’s upbeat collaboration on the song Feeling Good, which highlighted the pair’s distinct musical chemistry. But Guchi’s musical persona takes on a more reflective and intimate side in “Leave Me Now.”

Listen to the new track below:

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