Cross Dives Deep into ‘The Dip’: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Ambition

From spending millions to guarantee a spot in BBNaija All Stars to revealing a softer side, Cross shares it all

In a recent episode of “The Dip”, Cross, a prominent figure from the Big Brother Naija All Stars, opened up about his experiences, ambitions, and the revelations he had during his time in the house. The episode, which aired on BellaNaija’s platform, provided fans with a closer look into the mind of the reality star.

Cross began by addressing the burning question on everyone’s mind: Why did he decide to spend a whopping four million Naira to secure his spot in the Big Brother Naija All Stars finals? For Cross, the decision was driven by ambition and a vision. When the opportunity presented itself, he saw it as a chance to make his way to the finals. With determination and a few strategic deals, he managed to gather the required 4,000 money points. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, Cross’s unwavering faith and determination saw him through to the end.

The topic of Big Brother reunions was also touched upon. These reunions hold a special place in the hearts of all Big Brother participants. When asked about his ideal location for an ultimate All Stars reunion, Cross suggested it should be somewhere unique, befitting the status of the All Stars. Locations like Cape Town or other scenic towns in Europe or Africa were his top picks.

One of the most poignant moments of the interview was when Cross delved into his personal goals and motivations for re-entering the Big Brother house. Beyond the fame and entertainment, Cross emphasized the importance of community building. He expressed a desire to showcase a different side of himself to the world. Furthermore, he highlighted the transformative role of technology in today’s world, stressing the need for Africans to stay informed and not get left behind.

Cross also touched upon personal revelations he had during his time in the house. Contrary to his “bad boy” image, he discovered that he possesses a deeper reservoir of patience than he previously thought. He also realized that beneath the exterior of a “playboy” lies a genuine “lover boy”, a side of him that he believed he had lost.

In a lighter moment, when asked about the first energy drink that comes to mind when he hears the word “fire”, Cross humorously responded with “Super Commando”, adding a touch of levity to the conversation.

The episode concluded with Cross expressing gratitude for the opportunity to self-interview, giving fans a unique insight into his thoughts and feelings. As always, he signed off with his signature energy, reminding everyone of the passion and zest he brings to everything he does.

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