Bailey Zimmerman “Leave The Light On” EP Review

Leave The Light On – EP

Bailey Zimmerman

    • Genre: Country
    • Date: 14 Oct, 2022
    • Content: Not-explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 9
  • A Warner Music Nashville / Elektra Records release, ℗ 2022 Elektra Records LLC

Bailey Zimmerman, a rising star in the country music scene, has released her debut EP, “Leave The Light On.” With his debut EP, Zimmerman demonstrates that he has no intention of slowing down. In a genre rife with breakout talents, Bailey consistently demonstrates why he is unique. An artist’s first EP is intended to showcase their raw potential and make them known to the public. On this EP, Zimmerman began a significant push to become one of the most talked-about young artists of the present.

For Zimmerman, who only started making music a few years ago, the sky is the limit. The track lineup also includes notable songs like “Where It Ends” and “Rock And A Hard Place,” both of which made it to the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. He also started teasing the tracks “Where It Ends” and “Never Leave” on TikTok before releasing them. Additionally, Los Angeles Magazine praised “Never Leave” as a tune that will win over listeners who don’t typically enjoy country music.

EP Cover Art

Bailey Zimmerman &Quot;Leave The Light On&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

Standing before something very similar to the door that opens to reveal either a garage or store, on which his name and the album title are written, Bailey stands straight rocking a white long-sleeve shirt over a pair of black pants while sporting some white kicks on his feet. As literal as the album title, a lamp hangs above the singer bathing him in its bright light.

Tracks and Features

Acoustic tune “Waiting” depicts what it’s like to long for someone. While a lot of his songs are about being angry and wanting revenge, this song is a candid look at desperately missing someone. “Another lonesome highway, another one of our songs, nothing gets you off my mind,” sings Bailey, expressing his feelings for his love interest who he misses deeply. Similar, intimate vibe may be seen in “House On Fire.” Zimmerman instead expresses a desire to let go of the past events with this person in order to concentrate on the present in her song. His lyrics are enticing enough to tell a story as usual.

The song “From The Fall” gives Zimmerman’s distinctive vocals room to develop. This particular song has a cozy, country appeal that feels just right for the fall. He has a knack for combining an easy melody with a straightforward guitar chord. “Writing these letters, from the fall, like a goodbye kiss that never leaves at all, colder weather, won’t be long, but it feels like forever just waiting for you to come home,” he sings about his estranged lover.

Zimmerman teased the song “Trainwreck” in advance of this EP. Not dissimilar from the majority of his songs, this one is energizing and heartfelt. “You Don’t Wanna Fall In Love,” sings Bailey on “Fall In Love,” where he narrates a rather sad ordeal of an estranged lover who moved on fine with her life, leaving him behind to get hitched with another man in a city they had both planned to settle down in. Closing track, “Where It Ends,” tells the tale of a heartbroken but wiser Bailey, who used to overlook red flags displayed by his lover until he came to his wit’s end and just couldn’t anymore.


1 Intro 0:13
2 Never Leave 3:27
3 Waiting 3:37
4 House On Fire 3:40
5 From The Fall 3:48
6 Trainwreck 3:30
7 Fall In Love 3:52
8 Rock and a Hard Place 3:27
9 Where It Ends 2:59

EP Theme

In his songs, Zimmerman explores the range of complex feelings that accompany a breakup and the ultimate decision of whether you want the ex back. He sings about real heartbreak in a way that feels both genuine and innovative. His music has the capacity to simultaneously sound familiar and innovative.

Production Credits

Austin Shawn alone handled the production of this EP.


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