Mohbad’s Death: Samklef Calls Out Tunde Ednut, Claims He’s Sponsoring Verydarkblackman(VDBM) & Spills Other Teas

In a recent viral live broadcast, Samklef criticized blogger and former singer Tunde Ednut for attempting to poison him and being deceptive. Samklef related a troubling occurrence where he thought Tunde Ednut was trying to poison him. He asserts that Tunde Ednut gave him a drink on the occasion and that he believed it might have been poisoned.

The entertainment industry has been thrown into disarray following reports of a gang-up against Samklef by Tunde Ednut, who has been accused of various wrongdoings. Samklef, a famed music producer, alleged that Tunde Ednut has been uncooperative with brands or projects associated with him. Samklef also claimed that Tunde was paid for an ad, but he refused to post it because his face was on it, despite the brand paying some other blogs to post it. These shocking allegations reveal a complicated web of relationships and agendas between the pair within the entertainment industry.

He claimed that Tunde collaborated with several people, including singer and celebrity stylist SexySteelz, to stop commenting on his page. Samklef said:

“Tunde would have poisoned me if they wanted to poison me, he came to give me a drink when they had ganged up against me, you need to come and explain. I did an advert, I was paid N4 million to do an ad for a brand; they paid Instablog9ja, and they paid Tunde Ednut but he rejected it, saying he was not posting anything with my face. He also reached out to the likes of SexySteelz that they should stop commenting on my page; that’s why you don’t see them on my page.”

Samklef expressed his confusion when he noticed Tunde Ednut sharing personal information about him on social media, especially regarding Mohbad’s untimely death. During the IG live, music producer Masterkraft attempted to advise/caution Samklef, but he disregarded it. According to the enraged Samklef, Mohbad’s death resulted from silence, so he won’t be silent.

In his words:

“Masterkraft don’t beg me o, Mohbad die because of sey e no talk, that’s why all of them dey attack me because all of them book dey my hand and the book… I gave Tunde time for reconciliation.”

In addition to his grievances, Samklef made some shocking revelations about Tunde Ednut’s involvement in fueling the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death. Samklef’s video, where he made these claims about Tunde Ednut, caused a massive uproar online, with many people urging him to reveal more details to prevent another tragedy like Mohbad’s.

The highly controversial speaker, Very Dark Man, had shown a strong interest in Mohbad’s wife as a possible suspect. Samklef voiced the concerns that Tunde Ednut may be supporting Very Dark Man to promote this story, drawing attention away from more critical aspects of the investigation. The public has many questions and worries about this revelation and Tunde Ednut’s intentions and involvement in these matters.

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