Verydarkblackman (VDBM) Gets Death Threat From Anonymous Collective; He Reacts

It has come to light that Verydarkblackman, a rapidly emerging content creator, has received threats from the Anonymous Collective, a decentralized multinational organization. The social media influencer was warned by this clandestine organisation not to pursue justice for Mohbad’s premature death. According to prior media reports, the burgeoning influencer has been outspoken about the hotly debated case of the late singer as he attempts to identify more factors that could have contributed to the street-pop star’s demise.

Anonymous Collective, a decentralized multinational organization, revealed this  about the threatened Nigerian TikToker Martins Vincent Otse, a.k.a. Verydarkblackman. The covert organization, in its post on social media, addressed the personality and forbade him from taking part in the struggle for justice in the wake of Mohbad’s unexpected death.

Remember how the rising influencer was said to have been vocally very passionate after the late artist passed away on September 12? He has been demanding arrests and a DNA test.

Verydarkblackman’s home state, his most recent hangout, and the person he saw were all mentioned in Anonymous’ message. They didn’t stop there; they continued by stating how many days it would take to successfully get rid of him. The bold young man replied in a viral video that he wasn’t afraid of the international organization and that nothing would happen to him even after 15 days. He claimed that whatever evil his adversaries might plan against him could stand a chance against his faith.

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