Verydarkblackman(VDBM) Reacts To Leaked Tape; Says He Sold His Nudes For Money To Survive

Fame comes with the tendency to be judged by the constantly scrutinizing public as VerydarkBlackman (VDBM), a well-known TikToker who recently gained notoriety for his opinions on the Mohbad issues, has spoken out after the contentious blog Gistlovers posted his explicit clip online.

Gistlovers leaked tape on telegram and mocked Verydarkman, who has been a major campaigner for a DNA test on late Mohbad’s son. Verydarkman is seen rubbing his private portion in the video, which elicited comments from online users.

Verydarkblackman(VDBM), a vocal advocate for a DNA test on the late Mohbad’s son, was mocked by Gistlovers after a tape was posted on Telegram. In the video, Verydarkman can be seen touching his private area, which prompted remarks from internet viewers.

In response, Verydarkman has surfaced in the midst of the popular nude video to demonstrate that he is unfazed as he discusses the tape even more.

According to him, he was developing sexual content in 2020, and he disclosed that the tape that was leaked was a clip he had sold for money at the time. He said that it was how he got the money to buy the car he drives, and he had made a lot of money from the hustle. But he admitted that he had put an end to it.

He disclosed that there are even more tapes of him having sex with girls and that he wouldn’t be shocked if they were leaked online. According to him, Gistlovers only made the video public because he asked for a DNA test for Mohbad’s son.

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