Tunde Ednut’s Instagram Account With 7.5M Million People Deactivated

The VeryDarkMan Connection: Controversial TikToker Claims Responsibility for Blogger's Account Loss

popular Nigerian blogger Tunde Adekunle, widely known as Tunde Ednut, has lost his Instagram account with a whopping 7.5 million followers. This marks the fourth time in three years that Ednut’s account has been deactivated. The reason behind this recent deactivation has been linked to controversial TikTok activist, Vincent Martins Otse, popularly known as VeryDarkMan.

VeryDarkMan, in a series of posts on his official Instagram page, claimed responsibility for the deactivation of Tunde Ednut’s account. He stated that ever since Tunde began featuring his content, many were displeased and started reporting Ednut’s account. This surge in reports, according to VeryDarkMan, led to the eventual suspension of the blogger’s account. He further elaborated that the hate he has been receiving since he began addressing various injustices was overwhelming. “The truth is Tunde Ednut lost his account because he didn’t stop posting me,” VeryDarkMan wrote. He added, “I made them report Tunde’s page.”

The reactions to VeryDarkMan’s claims have been mixed, with many Nigerians expressing their views on the matter. Some believe that VeryDarkMan is giving himself undue credit, while others feel that Tunde Ednut’s controversial nature and his history of account deactivations make it plausible.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Tunde Ednut’s Instagram journey has been a tumultuous one. His accounts have been deactivated multiple times in the past, making him no stranger to such incidents. However, the direct involvement of another social media influencer like VeryDarkMan in this recent deactivation has added a new twist to the narrative.

In the midst of this, fans and followers of both personalities await further developments. It remains to be seen if Tunde Ednut will recover his account or if he will start afresh, as he has done in the past. One thing is certain, the dynamics of social media influence and the power of the masses in shaping online narratives have once again come to the fore.

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