Verydarkblackman (VDBM) Trolls Yhemo Lee On Ebuka’s Rubbin’ Minds Interview

During a recent appearance on national television, well-known human rights activist Verydarkblackman (VDBM) talked about his accomplishments and climb to popularity. However, one of his best moments on Rubbin’ Minds was a jab he levelled at well-known Lekki big boy Yhemo Lee. A few days before appearing on Rubbin’ Minds, Yhemo Lee and VDBM engaged in an online argument involving body shaming.

VDBM attacked Yhemo Lee in a broadcast video and compared him to other caricature cartoon characters. During the interview with Channels, Martins also took the time to instruct viewers on how to avoid hazardous skincare products. While appearing on Ebuka’s Rubbin’ Minds, Martins Vincent Otse, also known online as Verydarkblackman, dragged renowned nightclub owner Yhemo Lee, which sparked outrage online. VDBM talked about his work as a social media critic and a skincare activist while on the show.

But before discussing his new rise to fame, he took the opportunity to criticize Yhemo Lee, pointing out that his well-known singlet and armpits had already been shown on national television before him.

After famous Afrobeat artist Davido started following VDBM on Instagram, the media released a video of him dancing. In the video, Martins said Davido had messaged him to say how much he liked the style of stuff Martins was making and to keep going. VDBM did, however, mention in the video that she was constantly the target of cyberbullying, insults, and curse words.

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