“He’s The S**t,” Kanye West Said Of Trump. “He Has His Own Buildings, Man.”

Kanye West admires Donald Trump without a doubt since he is wealthy and owns a lot of real estate. For a very long time, the rapper has always responded better when he is praised for all the money he makes. Millions of Americans chose Donald Trump for the same reasons he gave for why they did.

The former president of the United States appeals to the segment of the populace that admires those in positions of authority who have the freedom to do whatever they choose. However, Kanye West’s retort went a little further than merely criticizing Trump for owning his own structures.

In truth, Kanye has a weird affinity for Trump because of how he used him when they first met at the White House for political purposes. The soundbite in the video below was the most significant one on Trump, while the others was also quite compelling.

West said the following to Tucker Carlson: “Even Trump, a person we’d consider to be a friend of mine isn’t immune to racialized using. One of the things he said to me is ‘Kanye, you’re my friend. When you came to the White House, my Black approval rating went up 40%’.”

Politically non-conservative Kanye West fans believed the musician was only backing Trump for attention.

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