Iyabo Ojo Promises To Support The APC If Mohbad Gets Justice

Iyabo Ojo, an actress who has never backed the All Progressive Congress (APC), has said she would change her mind and support the group if they could bring about justice for the late singer Mohbad. The actress demanded an investigation and autopsy into Mohbad’s death on Instagram, noting how his spirit was pleading for justice.

Ojo said she grieved every time she read about him and noted how he screamed and no one paid attention to him. She demanded justice, saying that everyone should care about Mohbad’s death.

Iyabo Ojo Promises To Support The Apc If Mohbad Gets Justice, Yours Truly, News, October 4, 2023

In a recent video, Iyabo Ojo urged Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu to heed the youth’s plea and take the necessary steps to find out what really happened to Mohbad and bring his perpetrators—if any—to justice. She stated that in order to ensure that the musician receives the justice he deserves, her organization would be writing to all pertinent authorities.

Iyabo Ojo revealed that he hasn’t been able to sleep since Mohbad’s passing and slammed his former record label boss Naira Marley for the purported sympathy post and questions he also shared.

Celebrities and fans in Nigeria have been demanding fair investigations and justice for the musician, whose cause of death has generated considerable controversy.

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