Mohbad’s Mother Cries Out For Justice, Blames Naira Marley For Son’s Death

The late singer Mohbad’s mother has spoken out about his passing and adamantly declared that he did not pass away naturally. Mohbad’s mother conveyed her deep sadness at losing her son in a moving video that has been making the rounds on social media. She began by denying any notions that Mohbad’s death was the consequence of unavoidable events and stating that he was killed violently. She asserted that meeting the singer Naira Marley caused her son’s life to take a turbulent turn.

Mohbad’s Mother Cries Out For Justice, Blames Naira Marley For Son'S Death, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

Her words:-

“I’m aware my son has been living in fear and having sleepless nights ever since he met Naira Marley. “He didn’t die a natural death; he was killed. Whoever killed my son, that person’s home will become troubled. They will face war and curses.”

“The glory of the child in their home will diminish because of those who killed him and their sons.” “I am not dead; I am alive. My son didn’t find rest, and I couldn’t speak up whenever he was falsely accused because I wasn’t given the chance.”

“I asked my son what happened, and he gave me money to go to the hospital.” “I called him from the hospital, and he told me, ‘Mummy, something is happening.’ I called him to come home and tell me what happened.”

“I am his life and heaven. He said he came home because he heard something had happened.” “He said he was taken and given water, and then he didn’t know what happened to him anymore. Since then, I’ve been on the matter.”

“Since then, I’ve been on it. He died in fear. The fear was too much. If he was supposed to go to some shows, he couldn’t go because of the fear that some people were coming.” “He was beaten every day, and I was receiving calls even from people I didn’t know. I didn’t rest until he was killed.”

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