Iyabo Ojo Explains Mohbad’s Wife’s Delay In Taking The Paternity Test

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has recently explored the complex reasons behind Mohbad’s wife Omawunmi Aloba’s reluctance to get her son Liam Aloba tested for paternity. There have been discussions and disagreements, online and off, regarding Liam’s paternity since his father’s passing.

In quite a number of interviews, the late singer’s father has repeatedly stressed on how crucial it is for his daughter-in-law to get her grandson tested for paternity. In the same vein, Iyabo Ojo has expressed her annoyance over the unwanted lag in getting this DNA test done. She also went into details regarding the paternity issue with Wunmi.

Iyabo further revealed that Wunmi had reaffirmed her position, saying she wouldn’t be paying for a DNA test but that she wouldn’t be against it.  The actor claimed that before moving forward with the DNA test, Wunmi indicated she was still patiently waiting to hear from her father-in-law’s attorney.

Meanwhile, days prior, Mohbad’s father had pleaded with the government to make sure his son’s body wasn’t taken and buried behind his back. Mohbad’s dad called upon the government to also demand for his account information, alleging that Wunmi and her family had been continually extorting their son and using witchcraft on him to have her way.

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