Jay-Z’s Comparison Of Being Called A Capitalist To The N-word Sparks Controversy

Social media discussion continues to be sparked by Jay-Z’s line on “God Did.” Hov was questioned about the meaning of his lyrics in the song earlier this week during a chat on Twitter Spaces. In doing so, Jay stated that there is no shame in success and equated being labelled a capitalist to using the “N-word.”

On Wednesday, August 31, during a 17-minute Twitter Spaces chat with DJ Khaled, journalist Rob Markman, and other people, Jay-Z was questioned about the song’s aspirational line in which he talks about making other Black entertainers like Kanye West, Rihanna, and (technically) LeBron James into billionaires. In response, the co-founder of Roc Nation addressed those who question his business decisions and seek to denigrate him for his success.

“We’re not gonna stop,” he said around the 3:15 mark in the video below. “Hip-hop is young. We’re still growing. We not falling for that trick-nology, whatever the public puts out there now.” As expected, some people reacted negatively to the hip-hop billionaire’s comments, rolling their eyes at him for equating being called a capitalist with using a racial slur.

“Jay Z really was on that Space crying about us calling him a capitalist (he is). Then tried to say that calling Black rich folks capitalists is similar to the n word. LMAOOO,” tweeted one person.

Listen to the full conversation in the clip below.

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