Charli XCX Tweet Sparks Controversy Over Doja Cat Remark

Charli XCX's Twitter Drama: A Hacking or A Shade?

Charli XCX’s Tweet Controversy: Hacked Account or Intentional Shade
The Singer’s Remark on Doja Cat Raises Eyebrows and Questions

In a recent Twitter incident that has fans buzzing, Charli XCX, the renowned “Boom Clap” singer, seemed to have thrown shade at fellow artist Doja Cat. However, Charli was quick to clarify that her account was allegedly hacked and that she wasn’t behind the controversial tweet.

The tweet in question read, “doja cat’s being so grumpy!” which quickly caught the attention of the Twitter community, garnering over 18K retweets. Not long after, Charli addressed the situation, tweeting, “Omg i got hacked [surprised emoji] anyways stream speed drive!” implying that she wasn’t responsible for the earlier post.

The online community had varied reactions to this unexpected drama. Some fans believed Charli’s hacking claim, while others were skeptical. One user commented, “Hacked just to say that? Lol the lies lol own it Chuck.” Another remarked, “I mean its ok for her to be shady lmao Doja’s really being grumpy lately.” Some even felt that Charli’s tweet wasn’t necessarily shade but a mere observation.

The incident comes at a time when Doja Cat herself has been making headlines for her interactions with fans. Recently, the “Kiss Me More” singer expressed her displeasure when she discovered that her fans were using the nickname “Kittenz” for her fandom. Doja’s response was sharp, advising fans to “get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.” She further suggested to a fan to “delete the entire account and rethink everything.”

Furthermore, Doja addressed a fan who used her real name, Amala Zandile Dlamini, as their username, calling it “creepy as f**k.” This comment referred to a Threads account with the screen name @amalazandiledlamlni.

As the dust settles on this Twitter drama, fans are left wondering about the true nature of the relationship between Charli XCX and Doja Cat. While Charli has clarified her stance, the incident has added another layer to the intricate world of celebrity interactions on social media.

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